Music for the Day 3/18

Good day, weary travelers. Come, peruse my wares…. Tyler Childers (Live) We’re starting the day off with the maddog Tyler Childers. He wasn’t quite as big here as he is now, and you’d have to pay a pretty penny nowadays to see him play on the front porch of a shack to 40 people in lawnchairs. […]

Shake 1/3

Click HERE for 12/27 Click HERE for 12/20 Click HERE for 12/11 Click HERE for 12/5 Good day! This is brought to you from the couch of a small house in Vermont. Eat cheese, drink syrup, and listen to Phish. Here’s what’s going on in the world: Government’s closed, come back later The Dow ain’t […]

The Shake 12/27

This week brought to you by the startling number on the scale a few days after Christmas. I’m going for a run. Click Here for 12/5 Click Here for 12/11 Click Here for 12/20 Welcome to the world this week where… The U.S. government is shutdown and government employees aren’t getting paychecks during the holiday […]


*If you don’t have time, skip to the last paragraph.* In late July of 2018, I decided that I’d be moving from Colorado to Vermont. I had sold my old truck in January and had thus spent the last 7 months borrowing cars, bumming rides, and occasionally sticking my thumb in the air to get […]

The Shake 12/20

The Shake- 12/20 Click here for 12/5 Click here for 12/11 This week is brought to you by the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. This holiday season, treat that special someone in your life to a hand-stitched American garment. Great in the cold, but also guaranteed to hold up in the heat. Use promocode “Deadbolt” for 15% […]

The Shake 12/11

The Shake- 12/11  Click HERE to read last week’s. This week brought to you by Blue Bunny Ice Cream®. Now that it’s winter, enjoy a full carton to yourself. It’s going to be a cold and lonely one, so go ahead and fill that void. This holiday season, treat yourself. Because nobody else will. Use […]