Music for the Day 3/27

What a week that was. Everyone do a pat down. Legs still there? Head screwed on? Sniffer still sniffing? I think…I think we’re gonna make it. Cool, now for the quarantunes: Willie Nelson – On the Road Again A timeless tune of impermanence and transience. These corona days are pretty weird, and if you don’t get outside and […]

Music for the Day 3/26

It’s sunny out and there’s a mourning dove that’s been singing outside the window all morning so we might as well get singing too. Here we go! California Honeydrops – When it was Wrong  I learned about the California Honeydrops on a concert special that Delta was showing on a cross-country flight, and boy o […]

Music for the Day 3/25

Humpday to put it lightly. The sun also rises. Here are the Quarantunes. Trout Steak Revival – Brighter Every Day Trout Steak Revival is a colorado bluegrass/folk/everything else band from Colorado. For me, this was the first thing I woke up humming today. Let the light in. Toots & the Maytals – Take Me Home (Country […]

Music for the Day 3/24

Careening into Tuesday! Here we are, doing the thing. Let’s have some music to push us through the rest of it. Ray Charles & Willie Nelson – Seven Spanish Angels When people talk about a song painting a picture in your mind (I talk about that quite a bit), I almost always think of this […]

Music for the Day 3/23

It’s Monday, it’s snowing, it’s time to listen to some music. I’m With Her – Hear Jerusalem Moan (Greyfox Festival 2019) I’m a big fan of the Greyfox festival for two reasons. 1) They record almost everything and put it on YouTube. Love that. 2) Because we get some pretty awesome people playing together. I’m With Her […]

Music for the Day 3/20

It’s Friday. Here’s the music, you can make it. Rising Appalachia (NPR Tiny Desk) Rising Appalachia. These two sisters are making incredible music. Rage Against the Machine meets a traditional revival meets a Green Peace poetry slam. They are awesome. Molly Tuttle & Billy Strings – To Lay Me Down (Live, Greyfox Festival 2018) Molly […]

Music for the Day 3/19

Welcome back, and welcome to Thursday. Thursday starts with a T and so do the words “Train” and “Trucks”, two of the very best things to write songs about. So without further adieu, train ‘n truck Thursday…. Arlo Guthrie – City of New Orleans From America’s royal family of sticking a thumb in the air, Arlo […]