Music for the Day 4/3

We gather round the table one last time for Quarantunes.
Billy Strings – While I’m Waiting Here The song that turned me onto Billy Strings. Unbelievable playing, and in proper bluegrass fashion, lyrics that sound nice until you listen to the words (a song about a man in jail for murdering the woman he’s writing a letter to…”They’ll carry me away/to a place where I’ll get older/If I cannot prove to them you never died).
Grateful Dead – Sing Me Back Home (Veneta, OR, 1972) From the famous 1972 “Sunshine Daydream” show in Veneta, Oregon, spanning almost 4 hours. As the sun set and the show was drawing to a close, the band covered this Merle Haggard song to close it out.
Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine Bill Withers checked out this week at 81 years old. In 1971, he introduced himself to the world with this song.
Greensky Bluegrass – Into the Mystic (Northwest String Summit 2016) The first time I’d heard of Greensky was in August of 2016 after Northwest String Summit, when I heard this video of them play this song. This cover blows me away every time. What’s kept me staying is when they really lift off, like this song from the same show: Greensky – Ain’t No Bread in the Breadbox (NW String Summit 2016)
Joshua James – Coal War For any Sons of Anarchy fans out there, this is the opening of Season 4. Cool song.
Lynyrd Skynyrd – Call me the Breeze J.J. Cale wrote the song but goodness gracious did Skynyrd make it theirs. This one is kidding me!
Widespread Panic – Lawyers, Guns, & Money (Austin, TX 10/30/09) The Panic boys with the Warren Zevon bust out. Love to see it. In the words of Col. Bruce Hampton, “There are probably better bands than Widespread Panic, but I don’t want to listen to any of them.”
Duane Allman & Aretha Franklin – The Weight Woah! That’s why we play the game.
Jimmy Buffett – Come Monday The post-beach day nap on the couch where you don’t need a blanket because you’re warm from your sunburn. That is what this song sounds like.
Dead & Company – They Love Eachother Two of my favorite people up and got married in a courthouse this week. More of this.
Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Up Above My Head The best. And we’re dancing on out. “There is music in the air”
Thanks for listening. I’m gonna fully lean into this furlough thing and bring this to a halt for now.
All of these songs can be found on my Spotify “Treehouse” playlist and “Heavenly Highway Hymnals” playlist (this one’s entirely bluegrass). All of that is found here:

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