Music for the Day 4/2

Happy Thursday, our weekly day of train and highway songs.
Mandolin Orange – Train Song All business with this title. We are off.
Phish – Train Song A very different train song, but a train song nonetheless!
The Youngbloods – Six Days on the Road This falls in the category of “highway song”. This is a cover of an old trucker song, but the Youngbloods sing my favorite version. The Flying Burrito Brothers are a close second.
Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens – Peace Train Originally recorded when his name was Cat Stevens, now Yusif Islam, with a train song that doesn’t go out of style!
Zac Brown Band – Highway 20 Ride A fairly sad highway song, but a highway song nonetheless.
Willie Nelson – Devil in a Sleeping Bag Shotgun Willie signing about the less glamorous side of being a touring musician. His drummer and longtime right-hand man, Paul English (Me and Paul), was nicknamed “the devil” and hated sleeping on the bus, which Willie makes fun of here.
The Grateful Dead – Big Railroad Blues One of the first songs where I can remember thinking “this is my favorite song”. Tip of the hat to my dad for giving me a grateful Dead CD before I’d even started Kindergarten. Never stood a chance.
Leftover Salmon – Reuben’s Train “Ohhhh me, ohhhh me oh my”

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