Music for the Day 4/1

Sup mendeltunes. Let’s get goin!
Billy Strings feat. Marcus King – Runnin’ on Empty > Midnight Rider (DelFest 2019) – Ahh well.  April Fools. Starting off with a full cup of the good stuff. Don’t look now but most summer festivals are re-scheduling for August and September dates aren’t moving too much. That means the standard September date of the Freshgrass festival is staying put…
Paul Hoffman & Alison Brown – Long As I Can See the Light (Freshgrass 2019) – Speaking of Freshgrass, Paul Hoffman of Greensky joined Alison Brown during her set to cover a Credence Clearwater Revival song as the sun set. Was a good one.
Phish – Chalkdust Torture (Clifford Ball, 1994) – Phish announced last night that they’re close to finishing their new album, so let’s cue up some piping hot 90’s Phish. Not calming, but this is what you show to people who say that Phish just noodles around. Shotgun trey on guitar to wake you up on this Wednesday.
Ripe – Yesterday’s Clothes – Ripe is dope and getting huge. Listen to Ripe.
Melt – Sour Candy – This songs sounds like warmer weather, so play this out your window and at your little succulent you’re trying desperately to keep alive to keep away the existential sense of atrophy. Warmer days inbound!
The Dead South ( Live at the House of Blues, Boston, 1/7/2020) – Enjoy this whole show from The Dead South. Not quite sure where exactly they fall in terms of genre, but they sure can play the hell out of their instruments.
The Infamous Stringdusters feat. Mimi Naja and Kellen Asebroek [Fruition] – Midnight Moonlight > Bathtub Gin > Sirens (Portland, OR, 4/17/2017) – Jammyass bluegrass from the Infamous Stringdusters. Nods to predecessors, tension & release, wild peaks, just everything you hope for when you buy a Dusters ticket. If you ever see them playing near you, it is worth the $27.50 for a ticket.
My Morning Jacket – Golden – Rounding today out with My Morning Jacket, who further support the argument that the center of American music right now is Kentucky of all places (Tyler Childers, Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson, My Morning Jacket, etc.). This is my sister’s favorite song this week she says, so everyone tell her you loved it.
HumpDAY. Tomorrow is train songs. Get stoked.

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