Music for the Day 4/3

We gather round the table one last time for Quarantunes. Billy Strings – While I’m Waiting Here The song that turned me onto Billy Strings. Unbelievable playing, and in proper bluegrass fashion, lyrics that sound nice until you listen to the words (a song about a man in jail for murdering the woman he’s writing […]

Music for the Day 4/2

Happy Thursday, our weekly day of train and highway songs. Mandolin Orange – Train Song All business with this title. We are off. Phish – Train Song A very different train song, but a train song nonetheless! The Youngbloods – Six Days on the Road This falls in the category of “highway song”. This is […]

Music for the Day 4/1

Sup mendeltunes. Let’s get goin! Assorted Artists- Imagine MMM. Wholesome. Billy Strings feat. Marcus King – Runnin’ on Empty > Midnight Rider (DelFest 2019) – Ahh well.  April Fools. Starting off with a full cup of the good stuff. Don’t look now but most summer festivals are re-scheduling for August and September dates aren’t moving […]