Music for the Day 3/30

It’s Monday, the people are furloughed, but I want some semblance of routine so HERE WE GO

Robert Earl Keen – Feelin’ Good Again Starting us off is the man from Houston, a 2012 inductee into the Texas Songwriters Hall of Fame, a 2019 inductee into the Texas Cowboys Hall of Fame, and many more nonsensical inductions I am sure, the legendary Robert Earl Keen. It is Monday and it is foggy but we are trying to feel some good so here is Feelin’ Good Again.
String Cheese Incident feat. Billy Strings – Black Clouds (Delfest 2019, Cumberland, MD) The video that I was sent a billion times and then I sent to everyone who would listen back in August, this is String Cheese playing Black Clouds with the heir to the throne, Billy Strings For those not caught up on all things bluegrass, String Cheese Incident is a jamband/bluegrass band from Crested Butte, Colorado that helped create the “jamgrass” scene that is thriving right now. Black Clouds is a staple of their repertoire and Billy knocked it out of the park here at Delfest.
Glen Hansard – You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere Glen Hansard covers Bob Dylan’s “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere” for the Dylan biopic “I’m Not There” (HUGE endorsement. Watch this movie. Dylan is played by 6 different actors throughout the movie, each one embodying a different version of Dylan. Very cool.) ANYWAY, if anyone fogot what they’re doing these days, it’s right in the title. You ain’t goin’ NOWHERE.

Jerry Jeff Walker – L.A. Freeway Originally written by his good buddy Guy Clark, this Jerry Jeff Walker song is all of us rationalizing about life if you could jsut get out of traffic. Admittedly there is less traffic right now than in days past, but it’s a good song and Jerry Jeff is a nice way to start a week.

Colter Wall – Motorcycle Colter Wall makes his triumphant return here with his song about buying a motorcycle just to drive it up a mountain like Arlo [Guthrie] and inevitably wrap it around a pole. Ahh yes, the freedom to dream.

Valerie June – Tennessee Time Valerie June is a folk/blues/gosepl/soul/everything singer from Tennessee and I’m in year 3 of not being able to get enough of this song. Her other stuff is awesome and is a worthwhile deep dive to take.
Bob Dylan – Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream This one’s a bit of a trip, but lyrically, is exactly why Bob Dylan is such a blast to listen to. Pull up the lyrics and try to see if you an find every social and historical reference he throws in there. For a little help, here’s the Genius lyric breakdown:
The Staves – Mexico The Staves consistently make me stop what I was doing to listen. A trio of sisters from England, you have to wonder if there’s a 4th sibling that couldn’t really cut it and is the manager or something. But they’re incredibly talented and their cover of Jolene is also well worth the time.

The Kitchen Dwellers – Visions of Mohr The Kitchen Dwellers! I heard about them/met them in the parking lot at Red Rocks two summers ago at a Yonder Mountain String Band/Infamous Stringdusters show. The Kitchen Dwellers van parked next to us and we hung out with them for awhile before we all headed in. Great guys, great music, and they’re starting to get pretty damn big. When they reschedule their Vermont show, I’ll be attending. I would’ve put a live version in, but those are usually around 15 minutes long and the studio cut is considerably shorter for those that may not be ready to take the full leap of faith yet.

John Prine – Paradise We end with some John Prine after some sad reports last night that he’s in critical care with corona. This song is about a town called Greenville, Kentucky where my friend Dan Marigny is from.



Now I’m gonna go look for deer antlers in the woods. Good day.

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