Music for the Day 3/27

What a week that was. Everyone do a pat down. Legs still there? Head screwed on? Sniffer still sniffing? I think…I think we’re gonna make it. Cool, now for the quarantunes:

Willie Nelson – On the Road Again A timeless tune of impermanence and transience. These corona days are pretty weird, and if you don’t get outside and shake it off it’ll give you the willies.
Eddie Vedder – Breathe A nice reminder to slow down and take stock of the good while we hear pretty consistently about everything that’s not going according to our well laid plans. Lots to smile about.
Atmosphere – Sunshine Another good one about slowing down and smelling the roses. You know how songs can be tied to a place in your memory? This song is the Wild Basin entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park with the aspens in full bloom.
Ugly Casanova – Here’s to Now If you’ve seen the documentary 180° South, this song should take you to the sailboat going down the coast of South America. If not, and you’re interested in watching what in my mind is a phenomenal documentary, this is my plug for 180 South. My absolute favorite and something I think everyone should watch. For me it was kind of like reading “On the Road” by Kerouac for the first time. What a plug.
The Avett Brothers – January Wedding I realize I haven’t put any Avett Brothers in this, and January Wedding was in my head last night, so here we are! Easy to forget how good they are, and then really easy to fall head over heels in love with their music when you dive back into their stuff. 

Houndmouth – Otis Prime Houndmouth. They’re still a band and they’re still touring, but vocalist and keyboard player Katie Toupin left the band recently and they don’t quite have the same punch without her. Anyway, this song and album are both great.
Pure Prairie League – Amie The Counting Crows cover this song, and I thought they wrote it. I was driving in the car with my mom when I was in high school and played the Counting Crows version and my Mom made me switch to a band called Pure Prairie League for the original and lordy was she right about the original being the best!
The Beatles – Two of Us This is just such a good song. Not a huge song as far as Beatles songs go, which is maybe what’s so incredible about their music. You can listen to multiple albums all the way through before hitting a song you want to skip. This one always feels like it’s filled with a little extra whimsy, which I’ve always loved.
Elton John – Country Comfort Expect to see Elton John on this today? Bet ya didn’t. In my opinion Tumbleweed Connection is far and away his best album. My Father’s Gun, Country Comfort, Burn Down the Mission, on and on. Hell of an album, hell of an album title, hell of an album cover.
Butthole Surfers – Dracula from Houston The Butthole Surfers are more than just a cheeky name. Emerging from the San Antonio punk scene, they took elements from surf rock, psychedelic rock, and and that skate/surf/punk sound that was the early seed of pop punk bands like Blink-182. This song is awesome.
The Getaway People – She Gave Me Love So the Getaway People are a Norwegian rock band that sound like they’re from Los Angeles. I don’t really get it, but they only ever put out two albums and they both were really good, especially their 1998 album “The Getaway People”. I don’t know who gave it to us, but my older brother and I blasted the Getaway people for about 5 years straight in our room when we were growing up in LA (maybe that’s why I think they sound like an LA band).
The Doors – Roadhouse Blues (New York City, 1970) Named after Patrick’s Roadhouse, a bright green bar on the side of PCH, and the bungalows behind it where Jim Morrison lived. This song rules. Long live the Doors. “Aaaaaand rollllllllll babyyy rolllllllll!”
Grateful Dead – Ripple (Radio City, NY 10/31/1980) – Some calm to play us out. The sun is shining, the tank is clean!
Let ‘er rip.

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