Music for the Day 3/26

It’s sunny out and there’s a mourning dove that’s been singing outside the window all morning so we might as well get singing too. Here we go!
California Honeydrops – When it was Wrong  I learned about the California Honeydrops on a concert special that Delta was showing on a cross-country flight, and boy o boy are they something. Good luck not having this one stuck in your head for the rest of the day. And we’re off!
Caamp – Keep the Blues Away It’s in the title. This is the operative idea. We are actively keeping them away.
Tyler Childers – Universal Sound Tyler Childers alternates through singing songs about Kentucky, his wife, getting out of Kentucky, and then assorted commentaries on reincarnation and a supreme vedanta oneness. This is the latter.
The Marcus King Band – 8 AM The song that first got me into Marcus King. His guitar playing is what made him famous, but his voice is also pretty next-level. Sounds like he’s got at least one relationship in the past that wasn’t all sunshine and skittles!
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils – Fly Away Home The Ozark Mountain Daredevils are an awesome band from Missouri that never quite made it to the big stage. They’re just unknown enough that when you meet someone who likes them you both get really stoked that you’ve met another person of ~taste~.
Billy Strings – Watch it Fall Watch it Fall gets the “Pull the lyrics up” alert. “Just one of them longhair’s with another protest song. Yet to hear a Billy Strings song I don’t love.
Dead & Company – Brown-Eyed Women (Boulder, CO, 7/14/2018) I waited long enough, but here ya go. Ever wonder what all the hubbub is about the last few summers with people flocking to see that band Dead & Company? Isn’t that John Mayer playing with the Grateful Dead? Yes it is. De Facto leader of the band and revolutionary guitarist, Jerry Garcia, died in 1995. RIP Jer. There have been some awesome combinations since and some incredible guitarists filling in for Captain Trips on guitar (Trey Anastasio, John Kadlecik, Warren Haynes, Jimmy Herring, on and on and on), but right now, John Mayer’s sitting in the chair and he is absolutely killing it. If you liked that song in the link, this one will fully snatch your face….a smoking Deal > Viola Lee Blues from The Gorge: Dead & Company – Deal/Viola Lee Blues (The Gorge Amphitheater, George, WA 6/8/2019)
Phish – Alumni Blues 1 (Telluride, CO, 8/4/1988) Alright so I broke the seal on jammier stuff, so might as well sneak one more in. Ever hear of that band Phish from Vermont? They’re pretty damn good. This song is called Alumni Blues, and this version is from their first trip out west. This concert in Telluride became one of their first live shows to be released and the poster is on my wall.
Trampled by Turtles – Ain’t No Use in Tryin’ And we’re back down to the ground. Still with me? Trampled is an incredibly talented band from Duluth. This one’s easy listening and great for a cup of coffee.
Leftover Salmon – Liza (Boulder, CO, Thanksgiving weekend, 2014) Closing it out with Leftover Salmon. They closed out the Saturday night of Freshgrass Festival here in North Adams this past year and have been one of the steadiest groups in the touring festival scene for the last 30 years. They describe their music as “Polyethnic Cajun Slamgrass”, which is awesome. The godfathers of the Crested Butte, Colorado music scene.

If you hear something you can’t get enough of on this email, reach out and I’ll give you 500 more of whatever you’re into. Happy Thursday, we’re on the downhill of the week.

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