Music for the Day 3/23

It’s Monday, it’s snowing, it’s time to listen to some music.

I’m With Her – Hear Jerusalem Moan (Greyfox Festival 2019) I’m a big fan of the Greyfox festival for two reasons. 1) They record almost everything and put it on YouTube. Love that. 2) Because we get some pretty awesome people playing together. I’m With Her is Sara Watkins, Aoife O’Donovan and Sarah Jarosz. They are all phenomenal in their own right and together they’re even better. Some may remember Aoife O’Donovan for her rendition of Atlantic City with Greensky at Freshgrass this past spring. If not…..
Greensky Bluegrass – Atlantic City feat. Aoife O’Donovan (Freshgrass Festival 2019)  This may have been the peak of Freshgrass this year. So good. What a great weekend that was.
Annie Lennox – Many Rivers to Cross (Live) Annie Lennox performing Jimmy Cliff’s “Many Rivers to Cross”.  Annie Lennox is in the Berkshires pretty frequently and her Mass MoCa exhibit is really something.
Willie Nelson – Moonlight in Vermont One of the more calming songs I’ve come across in my life. Moonlight in Vermont. Willie forever.
The Carolina Chocolate Drops – Cornbread and Butterbeans The Carolina Chocolate Drops is a roots band from North Carolina. I had this song on a loop for the entire summer of 2016 when I was leading in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
The Grateful Dead – New Speedway Boogie 1969’s Altamont Festival, heald at the Altamont Raceway, is seen as the beginning of the end of the utopian promise of the 60’s, ending abruptly with the killing of one festival goer by the Hells Angels during the Rolling Stones closing set. The Angels claim the woman pulled a weapon, but any way you slice it someone was killed 20 feet from the stage. This song, New Speedway Boogie, is a response to that. And a really cool walking blues line.
Maggie Rogers – Light On feat. John Mayer (Live on Current Mood) A fun video of Maggie Rogers singing her song “Light On”, on John Mayer’s “Current Mood” Instagram show. Her laugh at the 1 minute mark when she hears the harmonizing accompaniment is why we like live music.
Stevie Ray Vaughan – Life by the Drop  Stevie Ray Vaughan on an acoustic guitar(!)….Life by the Drop is a look into what his music might have looked like if he’d have made it past 35.
Charlie Parr – 1922 Blues Charlie Parr, hailing from the Duluth, MN folk scene. This song is called 1922 Blues. If you like this, listen to Over the Red Cedar and let yourself go down the Charlie Parr rabbit hole (he’s also got a great cover of Rocky Raccoon.
Mason Jennings – Going Back to New Orleans In 8th grade I rode my bike to Sally’s Place, a record store in Connecticut that has since gone out of business (RIP Sally White), and talked to her about how much I loved Bob Dylan and Arlo Guthrie. After about 45 minutes of talking to Sally about folk music, she went back into her office and was holding Mason Jennings’ album “In the Ever”. I’ve been listening to this album almost weekly since then.
The Grateful Dead – Brokedown Palace (San Francisco, 8/3/70) I try not to overload people with the Grateful Dead, but I’m throwing a second one on this email. This is one where you read the lyrics while listening. Poet/lyricist Robert Hunter did us all a favor by writing this one down.
Let’s meet here again tomorrow.

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