Music for the Day 3/18

Good day, weary travelers. Come, peruse my wares….

Tyler Childers (Live) We’re starting the day off with the maddog Tyler Childers. He wasn’t quite as big here as he is now, and you’d have to pay a pretty penny nowadays to see him play on the front porch of a shack to 40 people in lawnchairs. If you dig this, dive into him on Spotify. The man is yet to release a bad song.
Jon Butler Trio – Ocean (Live at Federation Square) When I was in 7th grade, my buddy Peter Rankowitz showed me this video. We had both just started playing guitar and thought we were about 2 months out from being able to do what John Butler does here. I’m….still working on it.
Goose (Live at the Peach Festival 2019) Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you…Goose. Currently not a household name by any stretch, Goose is quickly becoming one of the hottest bands to come out of New England and onto the festival scene. If you’ve got the time to throw a concert on and just let it play in the background, you’ll dance for the entire set. If you’ve got time for just one song, skip to the 47:55 mark and listen to them absolutely tee off on a rendition of “Mississippi Half-Step”. They are the very real deal.
Janis Joplin – Me and Bobby McGee The queen. Janis Joplin making a Kris Kristofferson song 100% hers.
Janis Joplin – Mercedes Benz Bonus Janis. Singing “a song of great social and political import”. If you’re into Janis, watch the documentary “Festival Express”. It follows Janis, the Grateful Dead, The Band, and others on their 1970 summer tour across northern America and Canada all on a train together.
Jack Johnson & Eddie Vedder – Constellations (Live)  Oh what’s that? You want to listen to the most soothing song there is? Well, here’s Jack Johnson and Eddie Vedder singing Constellations in Hawaii together.
Yonder Mountain String Band – At the End of the Day (Live)  “A song about home…called At the End of the Day”…very few things better than early 2000’s Yonder. One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands about one of my favorite places. If this tickles your fancy, listen to Half Moon Rising and 40 Miles from Denver. Those are gateway drugs. You’ll be hooked for life.
The Grateful Dead – Bertha (Live, 1971) You knew it was coming…a band beyond description. Bertha by the Grateful Dead. Live from the Filmore East, 1971. I’ve been listening to this version since I was born, but if it’s your first time hearing, I’m truly jealous of you getting to hear this for the first time.
Jack White – Great High Mountain  Rounding us out today will be Detroit’s very own Jack White. Like the White Stripes? Me too. This is very much not that. This song is called Great High Mountain, and has Jack on a mandolin singing about mountains. Only thing better than mountain songs are train songs, but as everyone knows, Thursday is “train song day”.
Go forth and be merry.

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