The Shake 12/5

*Check in every week for this*


Welcome to today, where:

  • A 7.2 magnitude earthquake recently hammered Alaska. Damage to Anchorage and other populated areas was pretty minimal.
  • Wisconsin’s GOP just pulled off a TEXTBOOK display of gerrymandering where they won 63/99 assembly seats while getting absolutely demolished in the actual vote tally by close to 200,000 votes. A large protest was held on the steps of the capital building.
  • Mark Sanchez played in an NFL game this week (for the Redskins, more on that further down)
  • VERY clear evidence has been shown to the Senate that shows slain journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s murder was orchestrated by the Saudi Crown Prince. Remember Trump’s reaction to it was that they buy a lot of guns and not to jump to any conclusions.
  • Colorado jam band String Cheese Incident just announced a 3-night headlining engagement at the Electric Forest festival. If there was a way to short the LSD market, now would be a good time.
  • Dead & Company just announced their summer tour and will be closing it out the same way they ended last summer: with 2 nights in Boulder, CO (that China > Rider opener though…)
  • Neil DeGrasse Tyson was accused of sexual misconduct. Leaving this one at that
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg is still alive! Keep eatin’ them gummies, RBG.
  • Seattle is getting an NHL team


Something to think about:

In the course of human history, the world has never been more peaceful than it is today. Allegedly. That is due to, in part, to the relentless effort and creativity and missteps and successes of all up until today. And while we think about today as a moment on the interwoven timelines of civilization and humanity, we must take time to recognize that “today” is an interesting idea.

On one hand, today is nothing more than a checkpoint, a way to discern the moment we are in, between when we last went to sleep and when we will do so again. It is a recurring framework in which we are afforded the opportunity to further create the world of our dreams. Today is a step to be taken towards the ideal of whatever it is that needs to be advanced further (which is just about everything).

On the other hand, today in itself is a gift to be marveled at. Existence is a statistical improbability, and by almost any metric, a miracle. One owes it to themselves to take a moment to recognize the magnitude of that. So although your phone charger is broken and the brakes on your car may squeak and you’re about to go broke for the holidays, you’re alive to experience the frustration and the excitement and the highs and the lows of life. The roller coaster that we’re all on is worth noticing and admiring in whatever way you choose.

So while today in itself is a historical footnote, it is also a world in itself. A world where we have the chance to craft tomorrow’s today into one that is a step forward from the one we all woke up in. Today is the most humanity has ever progressed. Tomorrow is another step further toward the end goal, whatever that may be. Work hard, be kind, and make cool shit.


Conversation starters for braindead moments:

  • Amazon has officially begun to re-think their move to New York City after some pretty fierce negativity from New Yorkers. The company has gone so far as to even hire a PR firm to help deal with what should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody: Being dicks to nerds from out of town.
  • Colin Kaepernick has what is most likely his most realistic chance of being signed to an NFL team this week. That team happens to be the Washington Redskins, whose starting and backup quarterbacks have been gone down with broken legs in the last couple weeks. Does a man who put his career on the line to recognize institutional racism sign with a team with a team name that is by far the most problematic in professional sports? Hmm.
  • Raisins: Hero or Villain
  • Joaquin Phoenix is going to play The Joker in the next Batman movie.
  • University of Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh refuses to eat chicken because it is a “nervous bird”. Can’t make that one up.
  • George H.W. Bush died. Widely agreed to be a good dude who had cool socks and a cute dog, his political career was less straight forward and not a casual conversation topic (de-stabilizing an entire region). Opt for socks and dogs here.
  • A Harvard study stated that 6 french-fries is the recommended serving size. That’s atrocious.
  • Beto O’Rourke isn’t ruling out a presidential run in 2020. Nobody can say that Texas isn’t at least trying to pull their weight these days.
  • I was talking to a friend whose Mother is a 1st grade teacher, and she was saying how 1st graders today have much more developed motor skills in their thumbs than even a decade ago, but the rest of their fingers are underdeveloped in comparison to 1st graders a decade ago. This is attributed to more iphone/screen use and less physical toys. If you say this to the right person, they’ll get very fussy.
  • Sturgill Simpson, Chris Stapleton, and Tyler Childers are the kick in the ass country music needed.
  • The beloved comic strip, “Calvin and Hobbes” is actually based on two famous philosophers: John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes. Calvin’s character is classically Calvinist and Hobbes is Hobbesian in the way they approach every situation.
  • Housing markets are in the toilet right now.
  • Has anyone ever received a decent haircut?
  • Rudolph (the red-nosed reindeer) is probably insufferable to be around every day of the year besides Christmas.
  • It’s getting fucking freezing out. Regardless of where you live. Unless you live where it’s warm. Then still say it about the suckers North of you (or South of you for our South American readers!).
  • If you could live anywhere in the world for one year, where would it be?”


One-liners to weave in:

“Don’t make plans with your plans.”

“Six trombones don’t make a parade.”

“There’s more than one way to get to Tucson.”


From the notes section of my phone:

“At the most beautiful times in my life, I have always been momentarily tamed by the buzzing of a fly in my ear” (6/10/18, 6:39 PM)


A tale for your travels:

A traveler is walking towards a town and sees an older gentleman outside the town. The traveler asks the older gentleman “what kind of people are in this town?”

The man responds “what kind of people have you met?”

To this, the traveler responds “I’ve met liars, cheaters, and thieves.”

The old man replies, “Well, that’s what type of people are in this town.”

The traveler goes into town and that’s exactly what he finds.

Another traveler comes up to the older gentleman and asks “what kind of people are in this town?”

The man responds “what kind of people have you met” And the traveler responds “I’ve met kind people, honest people, and joyful people.”

The old man replies, “that’s what type of people are in this town.”

The traveler goes into town and that’s exactly what he finds.


Look for the good in others and in life. You attract what you expect.

One thought on “The Shake 12/5

  1. This is the kind of reading a person like me needs in his life. I don’t have the fortitude to be able to pull the click bait from information so I opt out. Something with this flow and depth is an easy enough read that allows me to dive into the topics I actually care about and laugh at the things the writer throws in for fun. Great job Quinn!


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