Sodomy officially illegal in the state of Michigan. What does this mean for the Michigan Prison System?

I wrote about this earlier today, but I wanted to dive a little deeper into this hole (see what I did there?). So in a fairly ridiculous move, the state of Michigan passed a law that makes it illegal to engage in oral and anal sex and any other sexual act that can be categorized as sodomy. I’m sure there are people all over the state upset about this, especially the LGBT community, towards whom this was almost a direct attack. To say this is outrageous would be an outrageous understatement. Among those up in arms, I would have to assume, are the members of the Michigan penal system.

I’ve seen Shawshank Redemption. I’ve watched all of Sons of Anarchy. I have friends who have been stuck in the drunk-tank and had to spend a night in jail. I’ve driven past a prison once. I know what goes on. So, with that being said, this is clearly Michigan’s way of fighting sexual misconduct and abuse in their prison system.

So with my extensive understanding of the correctional system, it would seem to me that this will be met by both cheers and jeers in different cell blocks. There are the aggressors, who I expect to be rather upset with the decision to say “no” to prison rape, that’s where I see those jeers coming from. But the cheers! Oh, the cheers I can hear them all the way over here in New England. Someone sneakin’ up on you in the shower? Just yell, “Senate Bill 219, Section 158!” Surely, they will back away when hearing that this is a felony. After all, they are being actively cured by our holistic incarceration approach. Big time props to the lawmakers up north for seeing the light on this one. Maybe they could even institute a prison sodomy monitor to make sure nothing bad is going on behind the guards’ back! We asked for prison reform and we got it!


Yes, that’s sarcasm. Michigan is not a very progressive place. America’s prison system needs a real overhaul. To learn more about the push to reform how we treat crime in this country, visit



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