Why are we all cold?

Well, first off, we’re all cold because it’s O degrees outside. That is part 1A of why you woke up unhappy. Because even though you set your thermostat to 80 degrees and even though you used 4 blankets and even though you slept in sweatpants, we’re tilted away from the sun right now and it’s […]

I am 4

If you can say the word vagabond without laughing, congratulations. You are more of an adult than I am. Don’t even get me started with titillating.   End of post.

Where Am I? Am I Lost??

Here’s what we’re looking at. My name’s Quinn Mendelson. I am a student at Wesleyan University, and together with my good friend and former roommate Eli Morrissey, have started this blog. In short, we’re going to write about what we think is entertaining, engaging, funny, relevant, interesting, or all of those things at once. We […]