The Shake 12/11

The Shake- 12/11  Click HERE to read last week’s. This week brought to you by Blue Bunny Ice Cream®. Now that it’s winter, enjoy a full carton to yourself. It’s going to be a cold and lonely one, so go ahead and fill that void. This holiday season, treat yourself. Because nobody else will. Use […]

The Shake 12/5

*Check in every week for this*   Welcome to today, where: A 7.2 magnitude earthquake recently hammered Alaska. Damage to Anchorage and other populated areas was pretty minimal. Wisconsin’s GOP just pulled off a TEXTBOOK display of gerrymandering where they won 63/99 assembly seats while getting absolutely demolished in the actual vote tally by close […]

A Review of Colorado (Thus Far)

I moved to Colorado in January and this place is the tits. As far as a place goes, meaning my family and close friends aside, I have never felt more at home before. So that’s cool. As a lot of the world has seemingly been going to hell in a hand basket. But being removed […]

Ignoring a SuperHuman

[Disclaimer: This blog and writer are staunchly anti-human rights violations. Now that we’ve got that out of the way…] Could you imagine if Kim Jong-Un actually has done all of what he says he’s done? Kim Jong-Un claims that he doesn’t ever have to go to the bathroom. That the first and only time he […]